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Quality construction goes into Nationwide Lifts’ Jeeves systems.
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High-Quality Dumbwaiters for Colorado Homes

Dumbwaiters make effortless lifting from one floor to another possible. While such functionality assists with reducing hazards associated with carrying heavy boxes and baskets up your Colorado home’s stairs, Nationwide Lifts goes a few steps further with our Jeeves Dumbwaiter line.

What makes a Jeeves Dumbwaiter stand out? All models combine ease of use with quality and stability. For the homeowner looking to move items between floors, from clothing groceries, each features an intelligent controller and well-built cab.

Quality construction ensures the dumbwaiter gives reliable performance for years. Each system includes a rail and trolley system and a maintenance-free motor-gear assembly.

Jeeves Econolift

For residential applications, consider the Jeeves Econolift, available in 100- and 150-pound capacities.

Maintenance-Free Motor-Gear

An economical cable-driven system propels this dumbwaiter a distance of 35 feet, over a maximum of three stops.


Jeeves Pro Dumbwaiter

If you expect to be moving heavier objects, have your dumbwaiter precisely meet your needs. The Jeeves Pro accommodates this with a choice of capacities: 125, 250, 300, or 500 pounds.

Technical Specs

They come with a powder-coated steel cab (stainless steel cab available) and travel up to 80 feet over six stops. Custom door configurations are available.