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Stair Lifts

All, regardless of configuration, come equipped with safety features.
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Quality Residential & Commercial Stair Lifts in Colorado

Bridge your Colorado home or building accessibility gap with a sturdy stair lift from Nationwide Lifts. Our Indy Stair Lifts line encompasses systems for a wide range of locations and uses, but all come with safety sensors and adjustable designs.

Indy Pinnacle

Accommodate family members, visitors, and workers even along narrow staircases. The Indy Pinnacle, supporting up to 350 pounds, folds to just 11 inches from the wall.

Narrow & Efficient

Not only is this the narrowest stair lift, this is the most efficient. This will travel 40 trips on battery backup, which is twice the capability of the typical stair lift.

Additionally, the Indy Pinnacle track does not require lubrication. No need for messy grease that can collect dust and pet hair.

Indy Lux

A 400-pound capacity and adjustable features allow the Indy Lux to accommodate a wide range of body types while still being compact.

Luxury & Functionality

The stitched seat gives this lift a luxury look and feel.

Indy Curve

Not every Colorado home was constructed with a straight staircase. For those with twists and turns, angles, and landings, Nationwide Lifts has the Indy Curve, a custom stair lift with a track built to match your home's or building's exact shape.

Custom & Efficiency

Beyond the curved track that aligns with every contour and angle, the stair lift accommodates up to 350 pounds and a range of body types.

Indy Outdoor

Snow, ice, and below-freezing temperatures characterize Colorado winters, but the Indy Outdoor provides a solution for getting up your front steps and into your house even when the ground is slippery and frigid.

Durable & All-Weather

Mounting directly to the steps, this stair lift keeps out the elements with weather-tight covers and supports up to 350 pounds.

Indy XL

Nationwide Lifts exceeds expectations with the Indy XL, a stair lift capable of supporting up to 600 pounds. A reinforced, heavy-duty design assists with accommodating a greater range of body types.

Heavy-Duty & Supportive

It offers a 25-inch swivel seat and reinforced, heavy-duty design.

Indy Platform

Conceptually based on the Indy Pinnacle, the Indy Platform gives 25"x36" of space (other sizes available) to support a wheelchair or motor scooter. A maximum 40-foot distance covers a full staircase, while the platform folds up to avoid creating an obstruction.

Versatile & Accommodating

Find indoor and outdoor models through Nationwide Lifts.