Indy Pinnacle

The Indy Pinnacle Delivers A Smooth, Stable Ride You Can Rely On.

For some homeowners, there comes a time when a staircase turns into an obstruction or daily hurdle every time you or a family member must navigate the stairs to reach a second floor, get down to the basement, or even enter or leave your home. When this scenario starts to become more and more apparent, a stair lift turns into a necessity and the Indy Pinnacle is a nonintrusive and economical solution suited to resolve your mobility needs.

Indy Pinnacle

The Indy Pinnacle is a compact stair lift that offers a design perfectly suited for narrow stairways.  The package includes two remote controls and a charging station at the top and bottom of the stairs so the lift can be conveniently parked out of the way and called up or down when needed.  This stair lift offers an optional, fully automatic folding rail to prevent tripping hazards at the bottom of the stairs.  With a limited lifetime warranty on the carriage, the Indy Pinnacle sets the pace for the rest. 

Narrow & Efficient
When folded, it sits just 11 inches from the wall. The rail lays approximately six inches from the wall allowing more amble room up and down the stairs for passerby. In the event of a power outage, no worries, because this little workhorse will carry up to 350 lbs. and make over 40 trips per charge.
Indy Pinnacle Pic
Indy XL

Prepare to accommodate a variety of body types with the Indy XL, a heavy-duty stair lift that supports up to 600 pounds.

Heavy-Duty & Supportive

It offers a 25-inch swivel seat and reinforced, heavy-duty design.